Turning Lawns Into Food

Urban Farming, the revolution!

Farmer Liam is growing food on a small scale, without the need for poisons, heavy machinery, habitat encroachment or long distance hauling.  Lot 81 is essentially turning lawns into food.

Liam grows it, sells it, direct from the farm. That's a revolution, who would have thought?

The story is just beginning...


From Produce Manager to Full-Time Farmer

My Story

In mid 2016 I was a disgruntled retail produce manager, not happy with my current life circumstances so I sought a better life. Growing up around family farms, I knew farming was in my blood. At first I tried to acquire large amounts of land but it all seemed unfeasable. 

After being recommended the book "The Urban Farmer", which gave me insight into small scale farming, I realised I had an unbelievable opportunity right at my fingertips. 

Once I convinced "the ol' boy" to let me tear up his back lawn, which was no easy task (bloody middle aged men and their lawns!), I founded Lot 81 Micro Farm. The next weekend I was turning earth, making compost and the rest is history!


Lot 81 Micro Farm

More than just lettuce and beets!

Urban Farming Fundamentals

Lot 81 is a business, a way to make a living. But even more than that, it's a lifestyle. The fundamentals of urban farming is to encourage more people to grow their own food in a regenerative, holistic way.

Small scale farms could never feed the world so there will always be a need for commercial farming. Urban farming is about creating strong local food economies that subsidise the need and impact of industrial horticulture/agriculture.

If you're interested in growing food, whether for profit or for personal use, Lot 81 can help. Check out our services, educational courses and free workshops! (Coming soon)


Farmer's Market

Currently closed!

During Brisbane's growing season (generally March to December), Lot 81's gates are open. Come down and check out the farm, there's free tours, barista coffee, leaf tea, seedlings and of course, the freshest produce in town! 

Please note, due to Covid-19, there will not be any farm tours, also other aspects of the farm gate sales may have changed.


Opening Hours - Currently Closed!

Weather permitting. 

Please check our social media pages or give us a call if unsure.

Come Visit

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9 Rangeleigh Street, Ferny Hills, 4055