Meat and Three

An old traditional favourite, made special.

Your goal for this dish is to serve your tasty chicken with salty spuds, tangy beets and sweet carrots!


Ingredients - Meat

Chicken Thigh 600g

Salt ¼ cup

Brown sugar ¼ cup

Tumeric 1 tbsp

Onion Powder 1 tbsp

Cinnamon powder 1 tbsp

Pepper 1 tbsp



Mix dry ingredients together and season the meat. You will only need about a quarter of the seasoning for 600g. Place meat on a drying rack and allow to dry brine in the fridge for 24 hours. Cook meat on a skillet or barbeque at medium to high heat, until done.


Ingredients - Mashed potato

4-6 medium sized potatoes



4 cloves garlic standard size

1 red onion


Unsalted butter 50g




Wash potatoes thoroughly and peel. Quarter spuds and cook in a pot of salted water until soft, roughly 20 minutes. Place clean potato peels in a pot, cover with milk and cook on lowest heat possible. Finely dice the garlic and fry for 2 minutes in the butter, then add silverbeet leaves (note - only use the leaves, you can save the stems for another dish), fry for another couple of minutes until cooked. Strain potatoes and milk, add together and mash. Once a velvety texture is reached, stir in sauteed greens, finely diced onion and dill (pick the leaves off the dill stems). Season to taste.


Ingredients - Honey Carrots

6 small carrots


Butter 20g

Honey 1 tbsp



Cut carrots into coins 1cm thick, cook in lightly salted water until desired texture, I like mine still firm. Place butter in a pan on medium heat, cook until it turns brown. Take off heat and stir in chopped sage, carrots and honey.


Ingredients - Roasted Beets

9 baby beets


Olive oil




Wash beets, season with oil, a small amount of salt and half a juiced lemon. Place beets and the used half of lemon in an oven proof dish. Cook at 200 degrees celsius until tender, roughly 20 minutes. Finally zest half a lemon and sprinkle on top on beets.