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The compost is a premium cow manure blend. It's chemical free and is potent stuff, almost should be considered a fertiliser. Depending on your soil quality, 20kg can do anywhere from 1m²-3m². It's a dry compost and is only supposed to be watered (ideally with rain, bore or dam water) once it's in your soil. Once wet, all the microorganisms come to life and start working their magic.


Organic based fertiliser also available, works perfectly in conjunction with the compost. A great combo of fast and slow release nutrients. Great for all applications, whether you have a vegetable garden, fruit orchard or just want a nice lawn.


Best practice, turn compost into soil, spread fertiliser on top of soil and water well with rain/bore/tank/creek water (town water is not ideal). For vegetables, cover with mulch and all the microorganisms from the compost will come to life in 3-4 weeks.


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